As a factor for satisfaction or dissatisfaction or one for staff motivation, alignment with corporate strategy or adjustment to corporate culture, compensation is invariably an essential component of the personal commitment of your staff.

As a genuinely effective lever for good performance, it interlocks with your other management systems and especially with descriptions of responsibilities and jobs, management of staff performance and skill development tools and processes.

To help you enhance the effectiveness of your systems or improve staff satisfaction and commitment, Harold Consulting Group can work with you in the following areas :

> Set-up of compensation policy and structure

  • Harmonization of compensation schemes and structures
  • Adjustment of performance-related compensation
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of sales force compensation plans

> Design and formalization of compensation strategy

  • Internal audits and analysis of the effectiveness of compensation policy
  • Definition of a comprehensive compensation strategy to match target categories
  • Implementation of individual and collective variable compensation schemes

> Support for the company’s compensation function

  • Outsourcing or “temping” the compensation function
  • Implementation of the function
  • Personalized training for the compensation manager