Harold Consulting Group is on hand to help you consider the most suitable and relevant policy on staff compensation and/or development, look at the changes and adjustments that constitute the best response to your business goals and issues, taking into account your past history, your corporate culture and your constraints.

That is why we can offer you our help throughout the entire process from an initial understanding of your strategy, your positioning, your objectives, consideration of what your employees expect, up to and including definition of the solution and the conditions needed for its application.

Our approach sets out to be comprehensive and holistic because it addresses your issues as a whole, identifying all impacts, to be participatory because it involves input from you throughout, and to be operational because it is rooted in the realities of your business.

We are especially attentive to the quality and effectiveness of implementation and that is why we can propose a complete range of assistance including the training of management in order to guarantee ownership of planned changes. We can also assist you in communicating on those changes in order to get the key messages across.