As a factor for attracting, retaining and fostering the loyalty of staff, career development policy is an essential component of the personal commitment of your staff.

Spearheading HR policy, it fosters dynamic management of changing requirements for staff skills and expertise and makes for a more effective succession planning.

To help you enhance the effectiveness of your systems or improve employees’ satisfaction and commitment, Harold Consulting Group can work with you in the following areas :

> Job analysis and communication : reference job framework 

  • Analysis and documentation of jobs and functions
  • Job mapping
  • Identification of career paths

> Design and implementation of a competency-based approach

  • Analysis of competencies
  • Identification of cross-category competencies
  • Interfacing with existing processes

> Support for employees development policy

  • Implementation of integrated systems combining performance, development and compensation
  • Design of communication tools
  • Training for managers in these systems