Processes & tools

Effective policy implementation requires adjustment and improvement of the processes and the tools that underpin them.

They make it possible to both define objectively and to concretize your policies, help your managers and staff to apply them and assist in decision-making.

To help you develop and align your systems and tools with your HR policy, Harold Consulting Group can work with you in the following areas :

> Improvement of the annual salary review process

  • An in-depth examination of the key elements of an effective annual review process
  • Identification of areas for improvement plus an action plan
  • Implementation of salary review tools

> Adjustment and development of performance management

  • Definition and implementation of the performance assessment interview process and the performance review cycle
  • Tool design or adjustment
  • Training in the use of tools and processes

> Adaptation of systems and applications

  • Identification of the required adjustments to the HR information system
  • Compensation management applications
  • Performance development and recognition schemes